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Meet our Team

Brittany Bell

Founder and Owner

Daughter of a military father and stay at home mom, Brittany was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida but traveled all around the world. Her father taught her order and structure while
her mother taught her the importance of commitment and honesty. Growing up she loved to help her mom cook and clean. Now, with a family of her own she enjoys showing her children different techniques of how to be clean and stay organized.
 She is 
family orientated and focused on the importance of how she can make a difference in someones life.

Tony Johnson

Business Manager

A family-oriented business man, born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Tony learned the importance of cleaning by paying attention to his mom's cleaning skills, habits and basic structure of a daily routine. Growing up he realized that cleaning was something that would always be needed. So, he decided to focus his skill and efforts toward the cleaning industry and joined a like-minded family owned cleaning business. C&B Creative Cleaning Services focuses on loyalty, quality and honesty, all of which are qualities that perfectly align with Tony's vision for managing a successful cleaning company. 

Tony  also volunteers his time by helping in the community. 

He is the Founder and Leader of the Shinobi Lifestyle Organization.

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